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Sasino is famous for incredible stillness, calmness and quietening atmosphere doubled by rustling forests and seaside landscapes. Numerous bike routes make it a perfect place for the lovers of an active leisure. The pervasive nature will be just perfect for the ones that one to be close to it. Here, time stands still.

Five km away from Sasino, there is one of the most beautiful wild beached by the Baltic Sea. It is the seaside town, Stilo of course. Not many tourists spend here the summer, which guarantees silence and calmness. To get from Sasino to the beach in Stilo, you can take a walk through thick pine woods or choose a short bike ride. On top of that, it is idyllic and cozy here, even in season.
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Sasino apartments are in the heart of the snug seaside location. The pervasive forest ensures intimacy and comfort for all the guests. Numerous bike routes are a true paradise for the bike lovers and lovers of active leisure. Also, the forest routes give option of long walks. Trips on the prepared trails, the scent of resin and moss in the air let you forget about everyday troubles and worries.

We must also mention that Sasino is around 20 km away from the Słowiński National Park, which is also named “Polish desert”. A trip there will turn out to be an unforgettable attraction of your seaside stay.


Nearby Sasisno, kilometers away from the coastal line, there is a lighthouse in Stilo. Built at the beginning of XX century, on top of a dune. This is one of two lighthouses that were built completely from metal (the second one is in Jastarnia). It is 33 meters high, and its light-range has 23 meters. It takes over 200 steps to gaze at the wonderful views. Currently, it is a monument of the seaside architecture.
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About 4 km away from Sasino there is a Ciekocinko horse stable being a part of the resort Ciekocinko Palace Hotel Resort & Wellness. Time stops here, giving a whole new, hence unrepeatable dimension of leisure.
Thanks to the proximity of the sea and quaint beaches, you can spend your rest actively in the open air. What is more, gazing at the breathtaking views in combination of the delicate breeze, provide calmness and stillness.

Ciekocinko horse stable is said to be the most beautiful antique horse stable in Poland. What is more, it is here that the biggest international equestrian competition organized in Poland takes place, and where the world-leading and most valued equestrians take part in the competition.

The stable offers a unique service of horse hotel where they can stay in the antique or English stable with the full board and access to both the infrastructure and the fields.


A little over 20 minutes sets apart Saisno and Łeba – the place that became a city-state in 1998 from the local businessmen’ initiative. Thanks to this Łeba has its own passport, coin, and a prince.

The city enjoys an unusual popularity among tourists, mostly because of its party character. The club life buzzes around the promenade and beautiful beaches, and because of the variety of clubs, everybody will find something for themselves. In the spring-summer time you can spend the evening in the company of music on one of the beaches. Also, there are a lot of concerts and festivals in Łeba, which is an interesting form of leisure as well.
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